Wednesday, May 30, 2018



China always amazes the world with its technological advancement. This time too China has created a Huge buzz in the world regarding its ongoing project of HONG KONG - ZHUHAI - MACAU BRIDGE, which is almost completed and will be opened for its countrymen soon.

This Bridge is nothing less than a technological miracle. There are many facts related to this bridge which has caught the world's attention. 

First of all this will be the longest bridge over sea in the world being about 55 km (34 mi) long.

This bridge runs from HONG KONG to MACAU via ZHUHAI. This bridge will reduce the travelling time between HONG KONG and MACAU to 30 minutes.

This bridge not only runs over sea but also runs below sea through network of tunnels. While construction , there was a busy airport, which was coming in its way, so the engineers thought to make this underground at this point so that neither working of airport gets hampered nor the construction of the bridge gets hampered.

This bridge is a Six lane bridge. Only bigger vehicles will be allowed to run on this bridge. No two wheeler will be allowed on this bridge due to safety measures.

The life of this bridge is estimated to be 120 years.

Total expense on this bridge is around 110 billion Yuan ($15.9 billion/ Rs.  
107666,85,00,000). It took almost 9 years to complete this bridge.

This bridge is nothing less than a miracle of science.

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