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Maharana Pratap was one of the greatest rulers of India. He was king of Mewar. we all have grown up listening to his heroic battle. This blog is a biography of Maharan Pratap.
Maharana Pratap was the eldest son of  Rana Udai Singh and Jaiwantabai. He was born on 9 May 1540. He was a Sisodia Rajput king. He was born in the fort of Kumbhalgarh
Maharana Pratap was over 7 ft 6 inches and weighed above 100 kgs. He was known for his speed in the battles. He almost carried armour and weapons weighing about 208 kilos.

Maharana Pratap faced tough competition with his brothers Kunwar Shakti and Kunwar Jagmaal for the throne of Udaipur.

After the sudden death of Udai singh, Rani Dheer Bai, mother of Kunwar jagmaal, wanted her son to be the next king but senior members of the Royal court wanted Kunwar Pratap to sit on the throne and ultimately Maharana Pratap became the king of Mewar.

Maharana Pratap had a horse named Chetak, who was famous for his speed and understanding ability. He was also the best friend of Pratap.

Maharana Pratap always opposed Akbar, who wanted to established Mughal empire over whole india. He fought many small and big battles against Akbar but Akbar didn't faced Maharana Pratap directly in his whole life.

Maharana Pratap reign started from 1st march 1572. 

He fought his first unofficial battle at the age of 10, without any training. He fought this battle as a soldier, hiding this fact from his father. This battle was against an afghan ruler to free Chittorgarh from afghan.

Maharana Pratap had two wives, Ajabde and Phoolkanwar. His eldest son was Amar Singh.
When Akbar with his troops of 3 lakhs surrounded the Fort of Chittorgarh, Council members of the court of Rana Udai Singh, decided that king and their family members including Pratap should leave the fort, to keep their hopes alive but Pratap became reluctant and stood their.

Just one night before the Akbar's attack, council members somehow managed to send Pratap out of the Fort. Rawat Chundawatji, Fhata and other council members committed Saka, getting killed in Battle without leaving the battlefield and their wives committed Jauhar, killing themselves by jumping in a fire-pit to save their honour.

Maharana Pratap had alliance with Gwalior's Bham shah Tanwar, Maan Singhji Jhala, Afghan leader Hakim Shah Sur, Chandrasenji and Bhil Tribe leader Rana Punja.

After the defeat in Battle of Chittorgarh, Maharana Pratap with his hard efforts created another capital Udaipur, which was surrounded by mountains and had river on one side.

Rana Udai Singh died after sometime and Maharana Pratap became the next ruler. Akbar planned a Consipracy against Maharana Pratap and send Assassins to murder Pratap in his fort but accidently they murdered Ajabde.

Akbar then sent Maan Singh, his brother in law and also the prince of Amer, to attack on Pratap. Maan Singh along with 10 thousand troops went to attack on Udaipur but Maharana Pratap with his 3000 men stopped him in Haldighati and then The Battle of Haldighati started from 18 June 1576 and continued for 4 hours. His brother Jagmaal was with Mughals.

A Mughal commander Bahlol Khan, killed his brother in law in this battle. Pratap bacame furios and Cut Bahlol Khan in two parts along with his horse. A time came when Pratap dominated this battle but then came the support for mughals.

Mughal were the victorious one but they failed to capture Maharana Pratap. Akbar gave tehsildari to Jagmaal. Maharana Pratap was forced to live in jungle with his wife and son.
In jungle they were forced to eat Roti made of grass. One day a dog took Roti from his son, this broke the Pratap's heart.

Then one day Dan Shiromani Bhamashah, handed over the treasury, which was given to him by Pratap's ancestors. Later on, he bacame minister in the court of Pratap.

Pratap with this money built an army. Akbar during this period lost focus on mewar due to Rebel in Bihar and Bengal. Pratap used this situation to the fullest and gained controlled over Gogunda, Ranthambhore, Kumbhalghar and Udaipur.

During on of these battles he got injured while saving his son Amar Singh. Later on this injury got badly infected and ultimately bacame a reason for the death of the legend Maharana Pratap.

Many historians states that even his biggest rival Akbar cried on his death. Akbar on his death said that the only person who could give him a fight has died. He also stated that "even this land of India would be crying on the death of her bravest son".

Amar Singh was declared the new king of Mewar.

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