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--- Indian Railway one of the biggest Railway system of the world  operates in 29 states and 7 union terriotories of the country.
--- The Northern Railway Refered as (NR) is divided in    zones . its headquarters is in country capital NEW DELHI , which is responsible for train operation in the whole northern part of India.
--- The central as well as state government is making its persistence effort to raise the living standard of people of mountainous region .
--- Railway first entered in HIMACHAL PRADESH  in 1890 when british company set up meter gauge track , the first 96 km long line setup from shimla to kalka  NOW The New Railway line has been taken up in hand including laying of 450 km length of New Railway line . this is one of the prestigious railway project of Northern mountainous region , which has it own significance in terms of many…..the first 210 km railway line from Bilaspur to Manali is being constructed in Himachal Pradesh .This project has been challenging for a variety of region like ACCESS TO THE SITE OF TUNNELING , REMOTNESS OF THE LOCATION , DIFFICULT TOPOGRAPHY

---- This Rail line is divided into 6 Legs
Ist leg of project is from Bilaspur to Bhuntar is 100 km in length
2nd Leg  of project is from Bhuntar to manali via kullu will be 110 km in length
3rd leg of the project is from manali to keylong with a distance of 75km
NEXT 3 phase Lies in kasmir Region
4th  leg of the project is from keylong to sarchu is 100 km km in length
5th leg of the project is sarchu –Tanglangla will be 70km
Last phase of the project is Tanglangla –Leh is 90 km

---- This project is being construted by Northern Railway with an estimated cost of 15000-20000 crore rupee , the target date of commissioning 6 phases of track from Bilaspur to leh has been fixed between (2018-2025), the total number of tunnel is not available as search operation is going on
the upcoming Bilaspur –bhuntar Rail line project will have an 6 station these are :- Bilaspur , Bhuntar , ghagas, Barmana, sudernagar, mandi , Bhuntar
--- The Rich cultural Heritage of Himachal Pradesh would find due importance by the proposed railway line after the completion of Bilaspur –Manali Railway line project. Himachal Pradesh which has many place to visit will become the most short and become tourist state of state of Northern india ( Raghunath ji Temple , bijli mahadev temple , kasol, hadimba temple , solang valley) are the main attraction of history and Nature loving Tourist .

--- This Railway line not only provide Reliable and economic transport facilities to the locals but mobility of local will also increase the people of the area living in hilly area terrain look forward to further progress of work as national progress , once the train comes to himachal Pradesh , business will grow at faster rate than before but it might release some negative impact also with the foundation of Railway line possibly large number of people from Gangetic plain migrate here in search of better living , which would lead to sudden  increase in population which might cause drastic change in environment around lower Himalayas so government should think about alternative precaution along with development
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