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Best Things about Patna Bihar

Best Things about Patna Bihar

Patna is the Capital of Bihar. There are many unique things related to Patna which makes it a good city to live in. Patna is bit different from other cities in many aspects. People of Patna feels proud in calling themselves as Patnaites.


According to mythological believes, Patna was created by the King Pattan through his magic, for his queen Patali and in the loving memory of their first son, they named it Pataliputra, which is the old name of Patna, Pataliputra in Sanskrit means Son of Patali.

Patna is one of the oldest inhabited place in the world having a history of more than two millennia. In the history Patna was first mentioned before 490 BCE. Ajatshatru Shifted his capital from Rajgir to Patna to fight with LICHVIS of Vaishali.

Patna had seen many dynasty's upcoming and downfall. From Mauryans to Gupta and from Mughal to Britishers, it has seen them all.

Many great rulers like Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka - The Great etc had emerged from this land. One of the Greatest minds of the World- Chanakya had born here.

Present Scenario

Due to Several political manipulation, The image of Patna has degraded to a large extent. Patna inspite of having such a glorious past still lacks in various aspects. Due to politics in each and every field, Patna is lacking behind other cities.

Patna is a heavily populated city due to better employment and education facilities in comparison to other Cities of Bihar.

Due to heavy population, People have to compete for basic facilities also. 

Unique Things About Patna

Patna is a very unique city in comparison to other cities of India.

You'll find Mosque, Church, Temple and Gurudwara situated around one another. Patna has never registered a communal riot till now. Patna is the best example of Communal harmony.

People of Patna are very helpful. If you ask for help hardly a person will let you down infact if you ask a person for help there will be 5 to 6 persons up for your help. We often see that in various cities of India, People are least interested to help in accidents but this is not the case in Patna. If you face an accident, It is sure that you'll Get help.

People of Patna are highly associated in politics. From a child to an old, each and everyone is interested in politics.

Patna is City of Festivals. Almost every festival is celebrated in Patna. From Holi to Eid, Ester to Diwali, Guruparv to Dusshera, We celebrate them all.

Danapur (Patna) has the second oldest cantonment of India.

Youth of Patna have both things Culture as well as Modernity. From thoughts and styling, they are Modern but from behaviour they are Cultural.

Things to try if You visit Patna

First thing to try is Litti-Chhokha. If you visit Patna and don't eat Litti-Chhokha, then my friend it is meaningless to visit Patna.
Khabari Baba

There are various Places to visit in Patna if you want to amuse yourself.

1. Patna Zoo
Khabari Baba

2. Patna Science centre
Khabari Baba

3. Gandhi Maidan
Khabari Baba

4. Gol Ghar
Khabari Baba

5. Buddha Smiriti Park
Khabari Baba

6. Ride on Digha-Sonepur Overbridge
Khabari Baba

7. A walk in Danapur cantonment area
Khabari Baba

8. A vsit in Patna Sahib Gurudwara
Khabari Baba

9. Eco Park
Khabari Baba

10. Patna Museum
Khabari Baba

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Best Things about Patna Bihar
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