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How to Hack Any Android Game For Free Tutorial

How to Hack Any Android Game For Free Tutorial

Gaming is one of the things which has made Android systems a popular one. There are many games present worldwide. Popularity of these games is increasing day by day. Games like COC, Subway surfer, Candy Crush Saga e.t.c are blockbuster games. These games have always been in trading list since their launch.

Games provide us refreshment and are best source of our time pass. Sometimes we became so lost in our games that we even forget our surrounding. Games have always been addictive. When we play games we want to go more further in the games, crossing every level step by step. We became so much associated with these games that we became furious on losing lives in these games.

Main problem With the games is that they provide an option of buying extra lives or buying some boost by charging real money. We don't want to invest our real money in these games.

We have often seen a person buying a pack of Gems in COC, Buying a bundle of coins in Subway surfers, buying extra life in Candy Crush Saga. Problem with this is that it gives an unfair advantage to the person who has buy this. We felt almost cheated by seeing this.

So here i am sharing a trick regarding How to Hack Any Android Game For Free Tutorial. I will show you the procedure with step by step guide with pictures.

Let me make myself clear to you that Hacking any online Game is impossible. So you Can't Hack games like COC, 8 Ball Pool e.t.c. If you try to hack these games your gaming ID might get blocked. All the sites showing that you can Hack Any Online Game like COC, 8 Ball e.t.c. are fake.

Only thing you can do for online games like COC and 8 Ball Pool is to use Private server. There are many moded apps available online working on private server. If you want to download it you can download it from there. These moded apps will offer you unlimited Gems, Coins and fully upgraded everything.

Using a private server is a bad idea as number of players on these servers are limited and also all the other players will have the same resources as you have. So you are never in profit.

Hacking an offline like Candy Crush Saga, Subway Surfer e.t.c is possible and is very easy. You can download any moded app from google offering you unlimited benefits but here i am sharing a single app which can hack any game. No root permission is required for this.

So lets get started.


Things needed
2. Smartphone
3. App which you want to hack

STEP 1 : Download and install Lucky Patcher App from the link given above. Your system might give you warning that it is unsafe but it is safe.
Khabari Baba

STEP 2 : Install all the plugins of Lucky Patcher App and wait till it loads your apps.
Khabari Baba

STEP 3 : If the app you want to hack is already installed you can see in the app list and if it is not installed browse for the app, then long press on the app. A popup will open. Choose "Create modified Apk file" option from the popup.

Khabari Baba

STEP 4 : Another popup will appear. Choose "Apk rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulation" option.

Khabari Baba

STEP 5 :  Then  process will start of hacking. It may take time depending on the size of the app you want to hack.
Khabari Baba

STEP 6 : After the process is finished install the hacked app but before installing uninstall the earlier unhacked app, if you have installed it.

Your game is now hacked. Now when you will click on purchase option, in place of redirecting you to playstore, it will redirect you to Lucky patcher app. Just press ok on the Lucky Patcher app. Your purchase will be successful and if it is not then keep trying  3-4 times, you will get success.

For Any queries regarding How to Hack Any Android Game For Free Tutorial, Kindly comment down below.

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