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How to Monetize Blogger if Adsense is Not Showing Ads in Blogger

How to Monetize Blogger if Adsense is Not Showing Ads in Blogger

If you are new at blogging, then you must be curious to add your blogger account to adsense and start earning but this is not a cake walk. There is a great probability that inspite of adding your blogger to adsense you will not see ads in blogger, This case becomes worse if you are using or as your sub-domain.

In this post as you can see that inspite of my blogger address which contains sub-domain of blogger, i am able to show ads on my blog.

I will show you in this post that how you can show ads if adsense is not approving your account ot inspite of approval it is not showing ad.

Adsense is money making platform by placing ads on your blog, websites and youtube. It works brilliantly with all platforms but problem arises when you integrate it to show ads on your blog and it fails to do so.

This happens because you have signed your adsense account with youtube earlier. Due to this, It is configured to show ads on youtube now to show ads on the blogger you have to configure it again. To configure it again you'll have to buy a high level domain.

High level domain means if you are using or as your URL you have to buy a domain for your site. If you want to buy, you can buy but here i am sharing an alternate free trick to place ads.

Method 1 : Changing Adsense Account

Yes changing adsense account can help you. I will suggest you to apply for a new adsense account in place of integrating your blogger to your old adsense account, which is configured to show ads on youtube make another account. I'll suggest you to write 20-30 post first and then apply as it will increase your chances of adsense approval.

If you have integrated to your old adsense account then you have to delete that account and then add new adsense account to the blogger.

I have seen many websites and blog stating that you have to delete a phrase in adsenese ad  unit code to make ads appear in your blog. This is the worst idea of having ads shown on your blog as it will show ads on your blog but will not give you money.

Method 2 : Using Alternatives of Adsense (Best Method)

There are many alternatives of Adsenese which will give you a fair amount of money for their ads like, Facebook Audience Network, Revenue Hits etc but I prefer Yllix and Popads. You can use these alternatives even after 1 to 2 posts but i'll suggest you to try these after 5 posts minimum.

1. Yllix

official site -

Monetize your website traffic with yX Media This is the best among all alternatives i have tried till now. It gives you good money for their ad view and you can try it even after 1 post. There are plenty of ad units on this site. It has user-friendly interface and hourly updated reports. I will suggest you try this first if you are looking for alternatives.

2. Popads

official site - - The Best Popunder Adnetwork This is also a good platform of placing pop up ads. The best thing about this is that you can set how much you want to earn per 1000 views but i'll suggest you to keep that low as keeping it high will not show ads in many countries. Only problem with this is that there is limited ad units on this site.

Conclusion :

There are many ways to monetize your blog if adsense is not showing ads on your blog. Adsense is the best monetizing platform as it offers varieties of ad units and pay you more than other ad showing platforms but getting approval and showing adsense ads on your blog is a tough work sometimes. For those who can't get approval or can't show ads, this trick will help you definitely.

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