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Teachers will Get Suspended if They Use Words Like Idiot or Dumb for Their Students

Teachers will Get Suspended if They Use Words Like Idiot or Dumb for Their Students

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced that teachers will get suspended if they use words like Idiot or dumb for their students.
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CBSE stated that if a student has complaint against a teacher regarding use of these words, the teacher will get suspended if found guilty.

Quite often a teacher uses these words in class. Sometimes he uses in funny manner while sometimes he uses these words when he gets frustrated on a student. A teacher is often found calling his students as "Gaddha" (Donkey) in class but from next time onwards they might suffer suspension for using these words.

According to CBSE officials, Complaints against teachers reagarding use of Curse words for their students to humiliate them has increased enormously in past couple of years. This step will help them to reduce the cases like this.

Categories of complaints

1. Using of statements like, "You are stupid. You don't know anything."

2. Using student's name to humiliate them.

3. Calling students with bad signs.

4. Strange behaviour to a certain student different from other students.

5. Disturbing a student physically or psychologically.

6. Scolding a student in Anger.

How to Complaint

A student can complain offline as well as online. A student Can complaint against a teacher in CBSE regional office or He/She can complaint by sending a mail to CBSE officials. CBSE will then issue online feedback form and if he teacher is found guilty in inspection, the teacher will get suspended.
The identity of the students will be kept Anonymous when the student complains.

This rule will be implemented under Right to Education Act of 2009. Earlier Under this Act Any type of exploitation of student was prohibited. Now after the addition of this rule the main motive of this act will be served in better way.

Rama Sharma, The Media Executive CBSE, in a press conference stated that " A Direct complaint against any teacher can be sent to CBSE directly. Complaint can be in the form of Hard copy as well as in the form of E-mail. Any type of Violence no matter physical or menatl is tolerable against students."

This act will help in maintaining safe environment for students in school. Often a student gets caught in the depression due to these things. This rule will help in maintaining the student's confident.

This rule will be helpful as long as it is not used for self enemity. Hopefully this law will be helpful for students.

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