Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Yes you read it right that a person sold these historic monuments of India.

You would be thinking that how stupid a person would be to get trapped in such a idiotic scheme then my friend you have never heard about Natwarlal. In this post i am sharing information about this legendary conman of India.

Natwarlal's original name was Mithilesh Kumar Shrivastava. He was born in Bangra village of Siwan district, Bihar in the year 1912. Before being a conman he was a lawyer.

He used more than 50 aliases to disguise himself. He conned hundreds of people of crores of rupees.

He is regarded as the biggest conman of the India.

He had got a mastery in copying others Signature. Once he copied the signature of the CEO of a private company and withdrawed lakhs of money from the bank.

He sold Taj Mahal twice. He also sold Red Fort and Rashtrapati Bhawan. He even sold Parliament house of India alongwith its sitting members. He did this by copying the signatures of big leaders like Rajendra Prashad.

He was a very influencial person. He could convience any person with his communication skills.

He conned people from Patna to Delhi.

There were over 100 cases against Natwarlal. Police of 8 states of India were behind his back. He was caught by the police 9 times and escaped each and every time.

In one of his most memorable escape, he stole a policeman's uniform and then came out of the jail very calmly wearing that uniform.

He last escaped at the age of 84 in the year 1996 in Kanpur while he was being taken to AIIMS from jail. He was never seen afterwards. He got 113 years of imprisonment but he stayed in jail for only 20 years.

Death of this conman is still a mystery. Police states that he died in the year 1997 but his brother told that he died in Ranchi in the year 2007.

People of his Village feel proud of his deeds and they have decided to build a statue of him on the place where he once lived.

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