Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Most Hardworking And Honest Sarpanch of India Click to know about Him

The Most Hardworking And Honest Sarpanch of India Click to know about Him

We all know that India is highly corrupted country in the world. Every individual is busy in satisfying its own greed. Hardly any one thinks about others. You will merely find a person thinking about others before oneself but Krishna Kumar Mishra, The Sarpanch of Khizramafi village (Sagar dist, M.P.) is among  them.
Khabari Baba

Krishna Kumar Mishra is setting an example for others. He considers his Whole Village as his own Family.

He Had done Many things for his village man without any government's financial support. He had done everything from his own Money.

He has laid 3,000 ft long pipeline in his village for the safe and hygienic water supply from his own money.

He has provided  2 tractors from his own money to the villagers to do farming. He also provides free Fertilizers and manures to the villagers.

He not only helps his village people in farming but he also helps them in personal life as well. He bears expenses of the marriages of poor girls of his village. He also provides financial aid to the villagers.

He has also set up an Flour-mill (Aata- chhaki) in his village. He also provides Tractors, trolleys and trucks for transportation to the holy places in religious occasions.

Krishna Kumar Mishra has also provided his 2 four wheeler vehicles to the villagers for carrying pregnant woman and sick people to hospitals.

Krishna Kumar Mishra has 5 more brothers among which one is retired officer and others do job. Brothers of Krishna Kumar Mishra give him half of their salary, so that he can do his job of helping his villagers without being forced to wait for government's financial aid.

People of his Village regard him as Their Government. Krishna Kumar Mishra is living by an example to others. He is transforming his village in M.P. state amazingly.

We need more People like him in our Country.

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