Sunday, July 8, 2018

Major Change in The Exam Pattern of JEE and NEET

A Major Change in The Exam Pattern of JEE and NEET has been announced by the Prakash Javdekar, HRD minister.

JEE and NEET exams will be now conducted twice in a year.

National Testing Agency will now conduct JEE MAINS, NEET and NET exams. These exams were earlier conducted by CBSE.

Prakash Javedkar said that NET will be conducted in the month of December, NEET will be conducted in the months of February and May and JEE (MAINS) will be conducted in the month of January and April.

A student can attempt both the exams. Higher marks among these two will be considered.

Prakash Javedkar said that NEET and JEE exams are usually user friendly but students from village, who don't have access to computers and laptops, finds difficulty while giving these exams. These students will be given four to five months of training prior to these exams.

He also said that Computer based exams doesn't means that it is online. There is no need of Internet while giving these exams.

Prakash Javedkar said that these exams will be conducted in four to five steps according to the international standards. JEE Advance exams will be conducted by IIT as earlier.

This step has been taken to ease the pressure of the students. Earlier students had to face boards as well as these entrance examinations simultaneously but after this modification students will be able to concentrate on both these things.

No change has been made in the syllabus, question-paper pattern and marking scheme. There is also no change in the exam fees.

These modifications will be implemented from next academic year.

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Major Change in The Exam Pattern of JEE and NEET, Kindly comment down below.

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