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India Could Have lost 1971 Indo-Pak War due to America - Click Here to Read How

In India there is a lot of buzz that there will be another india-pakistan war and adding to this buzz there are official statements from countries like America, UAE e.t.c which are in favour of India. Earlier in 1971 war, America created adverse situations for India but Russia's open support to India didn't let the Americans influence the war. Read this blog to find out How Russia helped India.

1971 war

Indo-pak war started on December 03 in 1971 when Pakistan attacked 11 Indian air bases. India retalliated and declared open war against Pakistan. Pakistan launched this attack due to the involvement of India in Bangladesh(then east pakistan) liberation from pakistan (then west pakistan).

Prior to these events, India and Soviet Union signed a Indo-soviet treaty for peace, friendship and cooperation in August 1971.

Before the start of the war American president Nixon and and National security advisor Kissinger called the Russia's then president Leonid Brezhnev and asked to stop India from attacking west Pakistan to which he refused to do the same.

when this war started, India began to dominate the battlefield. Pakistan's PM Nurul Amin then asked help from American President Nixon.

Then Nixon and kissinger called China to help Pakistan as China was immediate neighbour to both. They also asked France, Turkey, Jordan and U.K. to help Pakistan. America provided help to Pakistan because it was worried from Indo-soviet relations and thought that it will increase the presence of Russia in Indian Ocean.

China, France, Turkey, Jordan and U.K. all of them agreed to help Pakistan. Later on China and U.K. recieved a letter from Russia to not to interfare in this war to which they agreed. Turkey and Jordan too took their foot away from this war.

khabari baba

But America and France still chose to help Pakistan. When France naval ship containing artillaries for Pakistan was on the way to East Pakistan, it encountered Russian battleship in Indian ocean and decided to go back.

Then America decided to send its battleship for the help of Pakistan. While on the other hand Russia send its ships and submarines containing nuclear weapons in Indian Ocean to stop America.
When American battleships saw this, it decied not to go further and returned.

After all this no other country interfered in this war and ultimately on december 16, 1971 India won this war and Pakistani commander Lt. gen. A.A.K. Niazi surrendered with 97,368 Pakistani soldiers.
So Russia proved to be the real friend of India in 1971 and ensured that India won this battle without any external interference.

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