Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Surf Excel Ad Promoting Love Jihaad ??

According to many Surf Excel's new Holi ad is promoting Love jihaad. Surf Excel's new Holi ad has created a debate nation wise. Read this blog to find the whole matter.

Surf excel is a washing powder selling company in India having tagline "Daag Achche hai" and it's new daag (Mistake) is achche (Good) or not we will find soon.

Surf Excel has always made ads containing social messages to promote it's product but this time it has backfired.

In new ad of Surf Excel, a Hindu girl takes all the colour on herself and protects a muslim boy from these colour and scout her to mosque for prayer. This ad has triggered many specially some Hindu communities.

Some hindus are saying that whether this ad should be banned or this ad should be interchanged to boy being Hindu and Girl being muslim.

While some are saying that this ad has nothing to do with Love jihad and it is just promoting secular harmony and brotherhood.

This matter has fired up on social media platforms where different memes are being shared regarding this issue and tweets with hashtags like #boycottSurfExcel and #SurfExcelAdBan e.t.c are being tweeted.

Surf Excel is facing criticism from many Hindu Organisations.

Funny part in this matter being that many are giving bad reviews to MS Excel on Playstore confusing it with Surf Excel.

Kindly share your views regarding this issue in comment and tell us whether it is promoting love jihad or not.

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