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Why Army Day is Celebrated - Click here to Read

In the post we are going to read all the things regarding Indian Army day. Indian Army day is celebrated on 15th January every year as India got it's first Indian Army general K.M. Cariappa on 15th January 1949. You will be surprised to know that our first prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru was not in favour of appointing an Indian as Army chief after independence. Read this article to find more such  interesting facts
Indian Army day
Whenever we hear the word "Indian Army ", a sense of pride and honour comes in all of us. Indian Army is one of the most respected bodies in India
Indian Army was founded on 1st April 1895. That time it was part of British government having a strength of around 2 lakhs.

Now Indian Army is the 2nd biggest Army of the world after China and have a strength of almost 14 lakhs.

After India got Independence on 15th August 1947, a meeting was held to decide who will going to be the next Army Chief of India. In that meeting there were many politicians, Some British officials and some high ranked Army officials.

In that meeting Jawahar Lal Nehru suggested that the Indian Army officials were inexperienced to run Army and hence he proposed that a British Army official should be appointed as a commander-in-chief of Indian army, to which an Indian Army official Lt. Gen Nathu Singh Rathod replied that, Indian politicians are inexperienced to run the country and hence India should appoint a Britisher as Prime Minister of India. After hearing this Jawahar lal Nehru proposed Lt. Gen Nathu Singh Rathod to become commander-in-chief of India, to which he replied that, According to seniority only field Marshal K.M. Cariappa deserves to be the commander-in-chief of India.
K M Cariappa

Everyone agreed to it but K.M Cariappa only remained nominal and real power was still existing to British Commander Gen Roy Francis Bucher until 15th January 1949.

After Independence Lt. Gen. K.M. Cariappa had to face many challenges like division of Indian Army, Weapons e.t.c for India and Pakistan. He did all this exceptionally well.

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