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The History Which We are Reading Today Might Be an Illusion - Click to Read More

The History which we are studying today might be just an illusion which was created by Britishers so that we, ourselves consider their culture to be superior. This was done through a simple method of Atrocity Literature. To know more about this just read this blog.

Atrocity Literature refers to a method adopted by Colonial Government to derogate the image of the native country. Through literature they showed that the native country which they have taken under their rule needs them as their reformer.

According to Britishers and Other western countries, to destroy a country it is necessary to destroy their culture and literature. They considered Cultural genocide more powerful than Physical genocide.

British diaspora living in America adopted Atrocity literature to downgrade the image of native Americans or Red Indians. They projected that Red Indians are tribal groups who used to live an uncivilized life and they have done mercy on them by civilizing them.
red indian

Similar method was adopted by Britishers for India. They showed India as a poor and uncivilized country, whose countrymen only knew to do slavery, through their Literature. They showed that India is a country of conflicts and they are doing a kind job by teaching them the modern ways of living.

They captured many kingdoms by giving a simple reason that is, ill treatment of the public in the kingdom. Irony was that they treated People more badly but still they showed the world that they doing mercy on Indians by eradicating all social issues through their literature.

One such example is "THE CRIMINALS TRIBE ACT of 1871 ". In this Act the British government marked many tribes as criminal tribes and considered even the new born of the tribe as criminal. They justified this act in their literature by considering these tribes as THUGS. THUG word originated from this scenario. They projected THUGS as ruthless criminals and thieves and in reality most of them were tribes fighting against Britishers. Today too, we use this word for criminals thanks to British literature.

One story is also related to these events , which is now used as a way of Mockery. Sikhs which are considered as one of the bravest communities of India are associated with this story.

The mockery we use today for Sikhs is that there brain starts working at 12 '0' clock but this is just  the result of Atrocity literature. In reality at the time of  "THE CRIMINALS TRIBE ACT of 1871 ", there was one Sikh tribe which was reluctant to agree with the demands of Britishers.

The Britishers captured many tribals of that group. The other members of that tribe then decided to attack British camps at midnight 12'0' clock. this affected Britishers in a very bad way. They suffered a heavy loss then Britishers decided to downgrade their image in their literature and termed them as thugs .

The mockery phrase we use today is infact a source of inspiration for all of us.

They have created a environment through their literature , where we see them always superior to us and we look our modern history with pity.

In today's era too, many western countries adopt this method. We often see Western Ngos being set up and running in India to collect data of Human rights in India but we don't see any Indian NGO being set with the same moto in the western countries.

When UN was Planning to declare Cultural genocide as illegal offence, many western countries stood against this and advocated to consider only physical genocide as criminal offence, which ultimately became the law.

The Idea that the western countries are and always had been advance than us are result of Atrocity literature. It is high time to be conscious about our culture and literature in this storm of westernization. We should always keep in mind the wordings of Swami Vivekananda - World will reform only when West will meet East.

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