Saturday, September 7, 2019

Reliance Jio Fiber Everything Explained .All Pros and Cons Discussed

Reliance Jio fiber on their AGM held in Mumbai on 12th August promised many things to their customers among which the launch of JIO GIGA FIBER on 5th of september was top of it.

Reliance Jio promised many things alongwith its jio gigafiber like 4K TV and HD Set up box as welcome offer. In the demonstration held in AGM, Set up box connected with jio fiber could also be used as gaming platform. Also Tv video calling is possible through Jio Fiber.

JIo promised that HD set up box will come with Free OTT (on the top) subscriptions. They also revealed that charges will only be for data and calling services will be free through the landline supported on jio fiber.

Mukesh Ambani, CEO of Reliance Jio, stated that plans for jio fiber will range from rs. 699 for to rs 10,000 a month and speed will be in range of 100 mbps to 1 gbps. Rest was supposed to be revealed on 5th september 2019. All these things created a hype in the masses.

What was revealed on 5th september

As Jio did to the telecom sector everybody was imagining the same thing in broadband sector but this time Jio disappointed.

Jio promised that the plans will start from rs 699 onwards but on 5th september Jio revealed that extra 18 % GST will be charged on these plans and also the plans will come in Bandwidth limit after that speed will be reduced..

Jio launched 6 plans that is Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Titanium. Jio's promise that it will offer minimum speed of 100 mbps also proved to be a lie as in Bronze plan it is clearly stated that maximum speed will be 100 mbps.

Now coming to the Welcome offer, Jio promised that it will offer HD set up box and 4k TV along with Jio fiber but on 5th september Jio revealed that 4K TV will only be given in annual Titanium Plan that will cost around 1,01,988 plus 18% GST.

khabari baba
To View Plan go to -

HD TV will be given in minimum 2 year annual Gold plan that will cost 31,176 plus 18 % GST.

khabari baba
Below this plan speaker will be given.

khabari babakhabari baba

HD Set up box will be given in each plan.

One time payment of rs. 2500 will be taken in which rs 1,500 will be taken as security and will be returned later.
Also the name of OTT platforms is still not revealed by the Jio.

whether we should buy or not

Jio's plan is expensive than many local broadband services but the services provided by the jio is unmatchable. Jio is giving Welcome offer on annual plans only that means you will be bound to Jio for a year. So buy if you need it only. Overall this time Jio has not done something extra ordinary in the field of broadband services.

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