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The Most Secular Mughal in The History - Dara Shukoh

There was a Mughal Prince, who was considered as the most secular person of Mughal empire. He converted many Sanskrit Upnishads in Persian language. This Mughal Prince was Dara Shukoh also known as Dara Shikoh. Dara Shuko was killed by his brother Aurangzeb as he was considered heretic by his brother. Read this article to know more about this secular prince.
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Background of Dara Shukoh

Dara Shukoh was first son of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaj Mahal. He was born on 11 march 1615 in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He was the favourite child of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

Dara Shukoh was married to Nadira Banu Begum on 1 february 1633 at agra. Unlike other Mughal princes, Dara Shikoh had only one wife with whom he had seven children.

Dara Shukoh in millitary

As per Mughal tradition, Dara Shukoh was appointed as millitary command at very age. He was appointed as millitary commnader in October 1633.

Dara Shikoh was declared as Vali-Ahad (The Prince) in 1633. He was promoted gradually in the army.

On 10th September 1642, Shah Jahan officially announced Dara Shikoh as his official heir.

In 1645, Dara Shukoh was appointed as the Subehdar of Allahabad and in 1648, he bacame governor of Gujarat. Later, in August 1652 was appointed as the governor of Kabul and Multan.

Dara Shikoh was also known as Shah-e-buland iqbal (King of good fortunes)

Secularism and Aesthete Nature of Dara Shukoh

Dara Shukoh was very attracted to Sufism. He had keen interest in knowing Hinduism too. In this process, He joined many Hindu saints.

Dara Shikoh wanted to establish a bridge between Islam and Hinduism. He wanted Vedes to reach as many people as possible.

Dara Shukoh gave equal importance and respect to Hindu Saints and Mulim Sufis.

Dara Shikoh wanted to learn Upnishads and later wanted to spread it's preaching and in the process he translated around 50 Upnishads in Persian from Sanskrit. He made many remarkable literary works in this field of speculation of Mystical religion.

He made friendship with the 7th Sikh Guru, Guru Har Rai.

Dara Shikoh was fond of Art too. He had a collection of finest artistic works of that time, compiled in his album know as Dara Shokoh's Album.

Conflict Between Dara Shukoh and Aurangzeb

In 1657, Shah Jahan became ill and made Dara Shikoh, the governor of Bihar. After this, war of succession started between sons of Shah Jahan.

Among wall contenders, Aurangzeb and Dara Shikoh stand grant chance of winning the throne.

On 30 May 1658, Aurangzeb defeated Dara Shukoh in the battle of Samugarh then afterwards Aurangzeb went to Agra.

Shah Jahan, in spite being recovered from illness was captured by his son Aurangzeb for alleged wastage of treasury in incapability to rule.

On the other hand, After defeat Dara Shikoh went to met Shah Nawaz Khan, the governor of Gujarat province. Shah Nawaz Khan opened his treasury for him. Dara Shukoh with this money created an army.

This army won Surat. Dara Shikoh also got help from Maharaj Jaswant Singh of Ajmer.

Unfortunately, again on 11 March 1659, He was defeated by Aurangzeb in the battle of Deorai.

End of Dara Shukoh

Dara Shikoh after this defeat went to Sindh to become refugee under Malik Jiwan, an Afghan chief.

Malik Jiwan betrayed him and handed him over to Aurangzeb's army on 10 June 1659.

After capturing Dara Shukoh, Aurangzeb tied him on elephant and paraded him in Delhi. Aurangzeb did so because of two reasons, first, Dara Shikoh was very famous, so to dilute his image he did this, secondly, Aurangzeb wanted to create fear in the minds of his people.

Aurangzeb declared Dara Shukoh, non-islamic and considered him threat for the entire community . Afterwards, on 30th August Aurangzeb assassinated him by sending henchman to behead him .

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The Place Where Ravan is Devoted - Bisrakh

There is place in U.P, India which is considered as the birthplace of Ravana. Dussehra is not celebrated here. The place referred here is Bisrakh Village in Uttar Pradesh. Read this article to know more about this place.
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Demography And Geography of Bisrakh

Bisrakh is a village located almost at a distance of 10 km in Northwest direction from Greater Noida, Gautam Budhha Nagar, Uttar pradesh.

As per 2011 Census, This village has a total population of 5,470, among which 24.31% of total population is Schedule Caste. There are 882 houses in this village. Sex ratio of this village is 767, which is poor.

History of Bisrakh

This village is believed to be founded by Vishravas, the father of Ravana. The village has been named after him.

Vishravas was a famous sage of that time. He was a big devotee of Lord Shiva. He founded a Shiva Linga and established Bisrakh Dham in a forest. In Bisrakh Dham, Vishravas worshiped Shiva linga and Ravan during his childhood also worshiped at this place.

Uniqueness of Bisrakh

There are many temples in this village among which there is a temple having shiva linga which unearthed almost 100 years ago. This shiva linga is octagonal in shape and is believed to be the Shiva linga which was worshiped by Ravana and his father Vishravas in Bisrakh Dham.

A new temple dedicated to Ravana is under construction here. The estimated cost of this temple is around 2 crore rupees. A 42 feet tall Shiva linga and a 5.5 feet tall image of Ravana is to be installed here.

People of this village does not celebrate dussehra in fact the nine day period of Navratra along with dussehra is considered as a period of mourning for the villagers. They in fact do Yagas to provide peace to his soul.

Local here believes that if Ramleela would happen than it will be an invitation for wrath of Ravana.

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Just Like PUBG, There was an Incident of Arms Air Drop in India - Purulia Arms Air Drop

Just like your favourite game PUBG, there was an incident of weapon air drop from a plane in Indian history in 1995. This conspiracy alleged involvement of ruling government of that time as well as CBI, RAW and MI5(UK intelligence) in it. This incident is called Purulia arms air drop incident. Read this article to know about Purulia arms air drop incident.
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How Purulia Arms Air Drop Incident happened

On 17th december 1995, Russian made AN-26 transporter plane took off from Karachi (Pakistan) for Dhaka (Bangladesh). It landed in Varanasi for refueling and than again it resumed it's journey.

It entered Purulia (West Bengal) via Gaya. In Purulia, the plane dropped arms and ammunition weighing about 4,000 kg in the surrounding villages.

Then it went to Dhaka and then to Phuket (Thailand) for refueling. It again entered Indian air space.

In Mumbai, Indaian Air Force's MIG-21 fighter plane stopped it and forced it to land in Mumbai.
Than Indian security forces surrounded the plane.

Who Were The Culpits Of Purulia Arms Air Drop

There were 8 people in the plane intially. While at the time of arresting them one escaped and other 7 were arrested.

The person who escaped was Kim Davy from Denmark. Among those who got arrested were 5 Latvian Crew members who only spoke Russian.

Ex SAS (British soldier) and MI 5 agent Peter Bleach also the arms dealer, was among those who got arrested.

8th member of the crew was Deepak Manikan, a Singporian pilot of Indian descent.

Disclosures by Peter Bleach

While getting arrested, Peter Bleach kept on saying that he wants to contact MI 5 and British consulate.

When interrogated by CBI, Peter bleach stated that this incident was already in eye of MI 5, who also informed RAW.

When CBI contacted British consulate and MI 5, they refused to know him.

Later, Peter bleach made some shocking disclosures and allegations. He stated that Kim Davy, one who escaped, was the mastermind of this incident.

His only work was to supply weapons for Purulia Arms Air Drop. As being an ex MI 5 agent, he informed MI 5 about this mission, who informed RAW.

As per Peter Bleach, MI 5 assured him that they will rescue him after being arrested in India.

Peter bleach stated that the weapons dropped were for Anand Marg (spiritual organisation) to combat with the threat of communists.

He blamed CBI for covering up the entire situation and telling lies.

What Happened With The Culprits

All 7 arrested in Purulia Arms Air Drop case were given judicial custody and later court sentenced them life imprisonment.

Later, when Tony Blair, the then prime minister of United kingdom, arrived in India in February 2004, President had to release Peter Bleach under diplomatic pressure.

Interpol issued red corner notice for Kim Davy as per the demand of CBI. Kim Davy was later spotted in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In 2010, one of the lower courts of Denmark sanctioned extradition of Kim Davy but later Denmark High court reversed the decision. It has not been challenged in Supreme court of Denmark yet.

Kim Davy afterwards roamed freely, He along with Peter Blach even gave interview with Arnab Goswami and revealed political connection of Purulia arms air drop incident.

Disclosures by Kim Davy

Kim davy in interview with Arnab Goswami, refused the association of Anand Marg in Purulia Arms Air Drop case although he was an Anand Margi. He joined this mission because he saw communists torturing Anand Margis.

He claimed that the entire conspiracy was planned by the Congress party of India also the ruling government of that time with CIA. Congress wanted to overthrow the Communist Party of India from west Bengal. As per Kim Davy, Congress after the death of Rajiv Gandhi was worried with the progress of CPI and they thought that they might spread their leg in the entire nation.

When asked about how he escaped, he told that he went to Pune after the incident from where MP Pappu Yadav took him to his home in his own car.

When reached Pappu Yadav's home, J K Dutt from CBI was also there, who later on helped him to escape from India.

Fishiness Related to Purulia Arms Air Drop

There are many unusual things associated with Purulia Arms Air Drop case which appears very suspicious.

First of all, Kalaikunda Air base was not very far from the arms drop location but surprisingly on that day, radars were turned off.

Secondly, When RAW informed Indian Government about this incident prior to the incident, Shanti Prakash, The joint secretary of Home Minister send this important message to West Bengal government through Registered post.

Lastly, When Joginder Singh of CBI wanted to investigate the case of Purulia Arms Air Drop, was not given the authority to do so by the government of that time.

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Just Like PUBG, There was an Incident of Arms Air Drop in India - Purulia Arms Air Drop

Just like your favourite game PUBG, there was an incident of weapon air drop from a plane in Indian history in 1995. This conspiracy alle...