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The Place Where Ravan is Devoted - Bisrakh

There is place in U.P, India which is considered as the birthplace of Ravana. Dussehra is not celebrated here. The place referred here is Bisrakh Village in Uttar Pradesh. Read this article to know more about this place.
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Demography And Geography of Bisrakh

Bisrakh is a village located almost at a distance of 10 km in Northwest direction from Greater Noida, Gautam Budhha Nagar, Uttar pradesh.

As per 2011 Census, This village has a total population of 5,470, among which 24.31% of total population is Schedule Caste. There are 882 houses in this village. Sex ratio of this village is 767, which is poor.

History of Bisrakh

This village is believed to be founded by Vishravas, the father of Ravana. The village has been named after him.

Vishravas was a famous sage of that time. He was a big devotee of Lord Shiva. He founded a Shiva Linga and established Bisrakh Dham in a forest. In Bisrakh Dham, Vishravas worshiped Shiva linga and Ravan during his childhood also worshiped at this place.

Uniqueness of Bisrakh

There are many temples in this village among which there is a temple having shiva linga which unearthed almost 100 years ago. This shiva linga is octagonal in shape and is believed to be the Shiva linga which was worshiped by Ravana and his father Vishravas in Bisrakh Dham.

A new temple dedicated to Ravana is under construction here. The estimated cost of this temple is around 2 crore rupees. A 42 feet tall Shiva linga and a 5.5 feet tall image of Ravana is to be installed here.

People of this village does not celebrate dussehra in fact the nine day period of Navratra along with dussehra is considered as a period of mourning for the villagers. They in fact do Yagas to provide peace to his soul.

Local here believes that if Ramleela would happen than it will be an invitation for wrath of Ravana.

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