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The Indian Ruler Who Chose Death Over Conversion - Sambhaji Bhosle Maharaj

There was a Maratha ruler who opt to chose death over conversion. This ruler was Chhtrapati Sambhaji Bhosle Maharaj, the 2nd Maratha ruler. His whole skin was peeled off from the body. The torture he went through is still considered as the most inhuman one ever faced. Read this complete blog to know more about him.
Sambhaji Bhosle Maharaj

Life Before Enthronement

Sambhaji Bhosle was the only child of Saibai, first wife of Chhtarapati Shivaji. He was born on 14th may 1657 in Purandar fort (Pune). His mother died when he was just two, he was raised by his grandmother Jijabai.

Keshav Pandit was employed for Sambhaji Bhosle's education. Sambhaji Bhosle was well educated and was well versed in about 9 languages other than Marathi. He has written some eminent books like Budhbhusnam and Nayikabhed.

In 1665, At just 9 years of age, Sambhaji Bhosle had to live with Raja Jai Singh of Amer as a political hostage as he became Mughal mansabdar due to the treaty of Purandar.

Later, as per the treaty of Purandar, Sambhaji Bhosle with his father Shivaji Maharaj went to Agra to meet Aurangzeb but they were house arrested by Aurangzeb but somehow they managed to escape.

Sambhaji Bhosle Maharaj was married to Yesubai and had one son Shahu and one daughter Bhavani Bai.

He was imprisoned at Panhala fort by his father Shivaji Maharaj in 1678 for alleged irresponsible behavior.

Struggle With Mughals After Coming in Power

Sambhaji Bhosle Maharaj came to throne in 1981 after his father's death. He faced stiff competition from his brother Raja ram for the throne.

After coming in power he waged war against Mughal emperor Aurangzeb and captured many forts under Mughal.

Aurangzeb also realised the threat possesed by him and in response he shifted his court in Aurangabad to fight with him.

Sambhaji Bhosle fought almost 120 battles in his 9 year long reign and emerged victorious in all of them.

Kavi Kalash was chief counselor of Sambhaji Bhosle Maharaj.

Sambhaji Bhosle Maharaj was strictly against conversion and issued a warning that whoever found helping in conversion will be executed with his whole family.

How He Was Captured

After trying so hard Mughals gave up chasing him but conspiracies against Sambhaji bhosle Maharaj continued and when he came to know about conspiracies, he executed all conspirators including his brother in law Ganoji Shirke.

In retaliation, Ganoji Shirke informed one of the Mughal chiefs about a secret road used by Sambhaji Bhosle Maharaj. Mughals used this information and captured him along with Kavi Kalash.

They were brought in front of Aurangzeb in Agra.

Tortures Sambhaji Bhosle Maharaj Went Through

After capturing Sambhaji Bhosle Maharaj and Kavi Kalash, Aurangzeb tied them upside down and circulated them in the whole city and asked the citymen to split on them.

Then he imprisoned them and gave Sambhaji Bhosle Maharaj an offer that if he hands over all the forts and treasury he looted to Aurangzeb along with the name of spies of him in his court in addition to conversion to Islam, he would set him free. To this offer Sambhaji Maharaj simply replied, No!

Then he ordered his soldiers to pluck out their eyes. Then he again asked him to accept Islam to which he asked for board and on board Sambhaji Bhosle Maharaj wrote " I will not accept Islam even if the emperor bribe me with his daughter.

Gradually torture increased. Their tongues were pulled out, hairs were peeled off from the head, fingers were cut down and whole skin was peeled off from the body.

This torture continued for more than 40 days and on each day evening Aurangzeb gave him the same offer, to which his answer was always No.

In the end Aurangzeb said to Sambhaji Maharaj that If I had a son like you I would have won the entire nation and ordered his soldiers to tore Sambhaji Maharaj and Kavi Kalash into many parts with Wagh Nakh (Lion- claws).

Thats how they died , Sambhaji Maharaj is also considered as the Dharamrakshak in the Indian history.

That's all for now, I hope you got to know about Sambhaji Maharaj also known as Dharamrakshak.

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