Thursday, April 2, 2020

COVID-19 : Why Italians are Not Getting The Dead Bodies Of Their Family Members

Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, Almost whole world is going through complete shut down. Italy is one of the biggest sufferers of this Pandemic, Italians are not even getting the dead bodies of their family members. Read this article to know more about this sad scenario.

Coronavirus Outbreak : How it happened

Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak started from a fish market in Wuhan, China, when two of the workers got infected. It spread like a wildfire and soon reached other countries like America, Italy, Spain e.t.c.

Who suffered the most

As per the data till date (2nd April), Total Number of infected persons globally is 964,603 with the death toll almost reaching 50K. America has got the highest number of coronavirus patients, i.e., 2,16,722 followed by Italy having 1,10,574 Coronavirus infected patients.

In terms of number of deaths, Italy has suffered the most, with the death toll of 13,155.

Sufferings of Italy

Italy is by far facing its toughest times in the 21st Century. There are more patients than the hospital beds. Doctors are choosing whom to save. Death toll is rising everyday.

Why Italians are not getting dead bodies of their family members

After the death of a coronavirus patient, their bodies are immediately sent to mortuary, so that the virus does not spread to the family members of the patient. In fact they are not even informed about this.

Making the Scenario worse is the shortening of coffins in the country, So many patients are not even getting basic dignity after their death of having a coffin. The bodies are being sent in the evacuation bags.

Also adding to this, Bodies in place of getting decomposed, The ritual followed by the majority, are getting burnt to ashes in the mortuary.

There are many pictures depicting this sad scenario being circulated in the social media.

"We are dieing twice, first in the hospital and then in the last rites." a local Italian quoted.

What are the Norms of handling the Corona patient's dead body

WHO has kept Corona dead bodies in the BS level 3, i.e, It can be either decomposed or burnt in a cautious way. The body has to be handeled by the experts under extreme caution, No physical touching is allowed.

In Case of India,  Bathing the dead body is common ritual in Hindus, which should be avoided in the handling of the dead bodies of Corona Patients.

Preparation of India

India has given order to DRDO to manufacture Evacuation bags for the Handling of the dead bodies, The family will only be allowed to see the face of the body once by unzipping the evacuation bag.

In last, I will only want to say that, learn from Italy and follow the lockdown seriously.
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